The IAm App is am app and TV channel platform for mobile, Smart TVs and driverless cars. Each IAm App collates social, video and online footprints into a simple, elegant and easy-to-use app.  The platform, which is geared toward a celebrity clientele, also allows users to have direct access to their fans through Interactive Live Streaming, Chat Rooms and other features.  With more than 250 A-list clients already signed up with the platform, the IAm App restores the promise of social media and broadcast TV for users, content providers and advertisers.


The amount of effort required from you to have your own beautiful IAm App.

- Turnkey, high quality solution that requires no extra posting, work or development on your end.

- Uses your existing Twitter feed(s), social media and integrates your website, so there's no extra work on your end to keep your app content and look fresh.