Why every star needs their own app

Stars today have the ability to lock in future success in ways that people never had before. Social media and the App Revolution have enabled actors, musicians and other celebrities to build up a direct audience of millions of people thereby anchoring their careers, keeping them on an ever upward trajectory and ensuring they don't fall back into obscurity.

How many Old Hollywood stars wish they had built up a following of millions of people that they could reach instantaneously to stay in the public eye? Imagine how many followers the stars of Facts of Life, Different Strokes, or Blossom would have if social networks had existed back when the stars of those shows were on top of the world. Imagine how different the careers of stars like Dick Cavett, Rick Springfield or Jimmie Walker would have been had they been able to market themselves every day to millions of fans even after their breakout hits had faded.

There's no such thing as "overexposure" in the 21st century. Constant exposure is what you want these days. Stars who have learned to leverage social media, including Neil Patrick Harris, Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian and even stars like actor, Elizabeth Dusku or singer Rebecca Black have successfully built up a Twitter follower base of millions and have ensured themselves that their fame, marketing and earnings power will continue for the rest of their lives.

But even having millions of followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the rest of the social platforms isn't enough, because most of what these stars post gets lost in the overwhelming flow of posts that everybody who follows them on those platforms is inundated with every time they open those apps. And what happens if the audience on those platforms eventually fade as other, new platforms take their place? (Ask people who once had millions of followers on MySpace about the risks of betting on any one social network.)

Every star needs to take control of their audience. Every star needs their own personalized, branded app which can collect everything the star is posting on those existing and future social networks and put it one spot -- a personalized, branded app that keeps their content front and center for their fans.

The IAm App Platform does exactly that. The IAm App Platform allows the star to engage, message and market to their audience, in the most effective manner.

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