Sales materials:

Letter #1 - "Yes, I want my own app."

We are excited to share The IAm Dane Cook App with you. We'll be creating your app this weekend and will have it ready to go into the app stores as soon as we have a signed app certificate. Remember that you can cancel your app at any time, just by letting us know you want to -- no harm, no foul. We are here to answer any questions for you at any time along the way. I hope you are well, long time no see! Talk to you soon and thank you. Cody and Ross


Letter #2 - "Big fish prototype."

Welcome to the next step of taking control and amplifying your social media and online presence. We will have your new IAm [Their Name] App prototype ready for you to test on your smartphone in the next few days. If you have an iPhone, you'll need to download the Apple Test Flight app from the Apple App Store ( and let me know what email address you use to login to the Apple App Store so we can send you an invite to test the new IAm [Their Name] iPhone app prototype when it's ready. To test the Android version of your new app, we can simply send you the file via email that you can then install directly on any Android device.


After you're checked out your new IAm [Their Name] App and are ready to move forward, we can have your app available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Stores for your fans to download for free within a day or two. 


Please let me know any questions or ideas you might have in the meantime. 



Letter #3 - "Thanks, but no thanks."


I enjoyed discussing the IAm App Platform with you and why you should have your own IAm [Their Name] App for iPhone and Android. No worries and no pressures, but I did want to simply reiterate some of the reasons why you should have your own app: 


- Get more followers, fans, likes and shares on your Twitter, Facebook and other social media as you drive engagement directly on your social media (and your website) from right inside the app. 


- Your social media posts no longer get lost in the frenzy of feeds, since they live in the app in real-time and forever in a searchable database for you and users. 


- Get your icon/logo/brand front and center on the most important piece of advertising real estate on the planet these days -- the smart phone screen, of course. They'll see your icon/logo/brand every day, 100x per day whenever they look at their smartphone.


Remember that there's absolutely no cost to you, your fans and no risk to your brand. Joining the IAm App Platform to get your own app is just like when you joined the Twitter platform or the Facebook platform. 


Thanks and let me know if you have any questions or ideas. 




Q. Why would I want my own app?

A. If you've got lots of followers and fans and you're already building your brand on social media, there are a million reasons to have your own app and no reason not to. The fact is that most of the people who follow you on Twitter, Facebook and other social media see less than 10% of the videos, pictures and other updates you're posting. Giving them access to all your content in one spot makes it much easier for them to stay up with you guys. The app also allows you to send notifications. Finally, I tell people that getting your icon/logo/brand front and center on the most important piece of advertising real estate on the planet these days -- the smart phone screen, of course -- is key. They'll see your icon/logo/brand every day, 100x per day whenever they look at their smartphone. We could go our Chief IAm Officer, Ross Mark directly at (818) 321-9388, and he can list many more reasons why it's an absolute no-brainer that you should have your own app. 

Q. Do I risk losing Twitter followers and other direct social engagement if I have my own app?

A. No, you'll find that having your own IAm app actually drives more engagement with your content, your social media posts and getting more followers/fans, as people who download your app can share your posts. And since we actually imbed your Facebook and Instagram pages, users of your app can login to each respective social media site and comment, share and use your app as a default replacement to the Facebook and Instagram apps themselves. 

Q. Can I post content exclusively to the app that doesn't appear anywhere else? 

A. Yes, We provide you an easy-to-use backend to post pictures, videos, links or other content directly and exclusively inside the app. 

Q. What's your angle? What's your business model?

A. We're creating a platform. We enable users of The IAm Jim Cramer app to use the same log in on The IAm Scott Kelly Astronaut app and The IAm Jay Leno app and all the other IAm apps we're rolling out in the coming months and years. In coming months, we plan to have hundreds of major celebrities, shows, charities, organizations, sororities, etc all with their own IAm apps on our platform. With millions of total users and billions of monthly screen views across The IAm App Platform collectively, we'll be collecting data, comments, and so on and will eventually monetize all of that and also eventually be able to allow advertisers to target exact demographics and/or specific apps. We'll do a revenue share with our biggest IAm App Platform customers such as you.

Q. What do you mean by "Platform"?

A. The IAm App solution is a platform that enables users of any IAm App to login to any other IAm app and still see the same users he's been following, his entire archive of comments and liked posts from any other IAm app. In the same way that Twitter, Facebook and other social networks enable you to post your content for free, we simply bring all that together under one roof where users can engage in social networking activity with other users from any of the IAm Apps.

Q. Is there any lock-in?

A. Absolutely not. You can cancel at any time, just by letting us know. It's like Facebook or Twitter where you can cancel your account and delete all records at any time.